Language Projects

"...those who have not heard will understand."

In many countries, speakers of Minority Languages will often share a common Major Language.  By making Tetelestai available in these Major Languages first, we can effectively begin to reach the greatest amount of people as well as open the door for dubbing into  Minority Languages.

Language Cards

Language Cards

With the following Language Cards, you will be able to see a quick overview regarding how close Tetelestai is to being ready for them. This is what each Language Card will look like:

Under the Language Name, you will see which version of Tetelestai is most appropriate for the target audience of that Language:

Standard Version (with a couple as presenters) or the
Culturally Sensitive (CS) Version (with one male presenter) or
Sign Language of a specific people group.

The Icon shown beside the Language Name identifies its category as one of the following:





Major Languages are used by multiple people groups;
National Languages are official to one or more countries;
Minority Languages are used by only a few smaller people groups.
Sign Languages are official language used by the deaf community